Our Products


  • • Stoneware Plastic Bodies
  • • Earthenware Plastic Bodies
  • • Casting Slips
  • • Porcelain
  • • Kaolin, Clay
  • • Raw materials

SIBELCO HELLAS S.A. in collaboration with SIBELCO DEUTSCHLAND, is importing and trading in the Greek market plastic bodies (clay) produced in Germany. Plastic Bodies are available in large variety of types (stoneware, earthenware), colors , with or without chamotte. Also there are blended powders suitable for slip casting production.

At the following link you can find online catalog with all types of plastic bodies and blended powders as well as the relevant product specification sheets. Also Sibelco Hellas is trading a lot of other minerals produced around Europe at various Sibelco sites and used as raw materials at the ceramics industry.