The object of the work is to exploit mineral deposits Huntite - Hydromagnesite and the processing and marketing of crude and finished product after processing.

Sibelco Europe

Our Company went through the following phases:

The company during the first years were occupied exclusively with the extraction of ore from the mines exploiting and selling mainly marketed abroad as crude material (crude product).

Then the company proceeded with the construction huntite-hydromagnesite ore processing plant on private property in Kozani in Lefkara, near the mines. At the plant the ore was crushing, drying and packing in VIG BAGs as semi-finished product which again resold generally on a market of abroad for final processing.

In 2000 the Dutch group Ankerpoort N.V. purchased the majority stake of shareholders and also proceeded with significant investment in mechanical equipment at the company factory. With this investment the verticalization of the company was completed, which now was able to fully process the ore and the packs as a finished product of very low particle size in various forms of packaging according to customer needs.

The year 2015 became the successful merger of White Minerals SA and SA MEVIOR creating the company SIBELCO HELLAS SA MINING COMPANY in order products appeal to customers around the world and for various industrial and complex applications.

Sibelco NV is an international family run company established in 1872.


  • Portafill Η5 65%
  • Securoc C10 35%
  • Silica Sand
  • Quartz
  • Cristobalite



After the acquisition of the Dutch group, most products White Minerals SA addressed to clients around the world for various industrial applications. The company's organization is structured into two branches - finished products varieties:

• Hundite Products / Portafill Η5

• Hydromagnesite Products/Securoc C10

Ore Huntite- hydromagnesite means 3m thick layer. on average, from which by selective extraction obtained material with 65% huntite and hydromagnesite 35% approximately, and is one with which the processing unit is powered. Regarding the extraction method, this takes place without the use of explosives due to the soft texture of the ore and overburden. The disclosure and transfer of the material is done using machinery and trucks. All mining operations take place between May and September.

The mixture huntite-hydromagnesite after treatment, consisting of additional drying, grinding, separation air and bagging carried out in factory of the company to achieve the final product, is used as follows:

The Hydromagnesite because of the status as a retardant burning in industries as filler (filler) material mixtures of plastic materials intended for insulation production of special cables (fire retardant -flame retardants).

The huntite due to the high brightness of this rare material (94% -95%) and the slab-shaped grain of the paint industry by replacing other more expensive synthetic materials produced without compromising the quality or characteristics and color properties.

The mined ore, which meets the quality standards may be available without any treatment as a crude material. From zero sales level final products in 2001, the company since 2006 reached the level of 4,100 tons of final product per year, which covers about 85% -90% of the plant capacity.